Medical devices as unavailable

On March 24 of 2020, INVIMA declared temporarily some medical devices as unavailable vital products, among others:

1.        Invasive and non-invasive oxygen therapy devices.

2.        Equipment for respiratory therapy and nebulizers.  

3.        Equipment for assisted mechanical ventilation.

4.        Chest tubes and closed thoracotomy kits.

5.        Invasive devices with natural and surgical orifices, (probes)

6.        Peripheral and central vascular access devices and for the administration of medications, solutions.

7.        Cardio-defibrillation equipment.

8.        Monitoring equipment for different vital signs.

9.        Portable diagnostic devices.

10.    Hot air motor kits and blankets.

11.    Patient mobilization devices.

12.    Devices for collection, storage and specimen transport.


Products declared as vital may be imported without the need to obtain a health registration or marketing authorization, attaching the minimum documentation required by INVIMA.

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