Preventive measures of Coronavirus at the workplace

The Ministry of Labor through Circular No. 0017 issued several measures addressed to employers, contractors and employees in order to prevent possible cases of Coronavirus in the work place.

Some of the measures to be executed by employers and contractors are the following: 

  • Update the Safety and Health in Work System (SG-SST) in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.
  • Provide personal protection elements according to the instructions of the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection;
  • Strengthen cleaning, prevention and self-care measures in work facilities;
  • Train employees about proper techniques for hand washing;
  • Supply soaps and /or other disinfectant substances for proper hand washing of the personnel;
  • Maintain constant communication with the health authorities;
  • Establish a notification route that specifies data from the District, Departmental or Municipal Secretariat;
  • Follow the protocols established by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection;
  • Inform employees of the standards and protocols established by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for prevention and response to virus COVID-19.

On the other hand, for those companies with employees or contractors from China, the Ministry of Labor suggests the following:

  • Implement a home office strategy;
  • Minimize face-to-face meetings with employees and contractors;
  • Prevent employees from sharing and using work items with other colleagues;
  • Inform the health care provider if the employee or contractor has fever, cough or breathing difficulties.

These actions must be taken in all work environments in order to prevent possible Coronavirus cases. 

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In addition, please find below some FAQ’s of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection regarding the Coronavirus:

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