New sanitary measures to prevent the spread and infection of COVID-19

On 11 March of 2020 the local Government issued the Decree 081 of 2020 which establishes several sanitary measures to control the effects of COVID-19, and prevent its spread amongst the population. 

This decision is aligned with the measures adopted by the National Government and the World Health Organization (WHO) to control the effects of the virus. The following are some measured decreed:


Personal Self-care measures: 

  • Keep hydrated.
  • Wash your hands with plenty of water, soap or antiseptic gel.
  • Cover nose and mouth with forearm (not hand) when coughing.
  • Avoid direct contact with other people, specially hugging and kissing.
  • In case of presenting flu symptoms, stay at home and wear a face mask.
  • Avoid attending massive events or events of any kind that are not essential.

Collective self-care measures: 

  • Companies must implement a work from home  strategy for those employees that can render their services remotely.
  • Regarding the employees that necessarily have to attend to the work place, employers should stablish at least three different schedules during the workday.
  • Disinfect properly the workplace to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Suspension of public or private events that will be attended by more than 1,000 people.

This measures can be adopted by the companies through an internal policy. 

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health and the Colombian Government decreed preventive isolation measures for people from China, Spain, France and Italy, with the aim of avoiding the spread of this virus. 

For this reason, as of 10 March 2020, people who arrive in  Colombia from one of those countries must comply with the following measures:

  • Preventive isolation at their homes or hotels for 14 days. The hotel must be paid by the traveler, otherwise this the trip to Colombia must be canceled.
  • Inform to the Immigration Authorities the place where they will complete their isolation period.
  • Comply the epidemiological monitoring provided by the health authorities.
  • Complete the "health declaration form" upon entering the country.

These measures do not apply to aircrew. 

People that arrived from these four countries  within the 14 days prior to 10 March, will be monitored by the national authorities and must carry out preventive self-isolation. 

The authorities could impose fines and sanctions to those who do not comply with the measures mentioned above, and could order the deportation if the offender is a foreigner. 

These measures will be enforceable until 30 May, 2020, however they can be released earlier if the causes that originated them disappear, or extended, if they persist.

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