Terms of visas, passports and nationality procedures in Colombia are suspended. 

By means of the Resolution 1296 of 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Relations suspended the terms on visas, passports and nationality procedures as a transitional measure due to the state of health emergency declared by COVID-19.  

Below you will find the measures adopted by the Ministry in this matter:


Visa applications  

  • The Visa application process from foreigners who are outside Colombia is suspended. 
  • Only foreigners who are currently in Colombia can submit visa applications through electronic means. 
  • Those holding Visitor Visas will not be able to make applications for a Migrant Visa, they must remain in the Visitor category.

Suspension of terms 

The following terms are suspended until the end of the health emergency in Colombia:  

  • Term of validity of the Visitor Visa to provide temporary services to a natural or legal entity in Colombia and to occupy any position at a headquarters in Colombia pursuant to an inter company personal transfer. 
  • Term of validity of the Migrant Visa, whenever foreigners are abroad and the visa is valid as of 21 April, 2020. 
  • Term of the early termination of visas due to the absence of national territory for Migrant and Resident visas. 
  • Terms provided for the printing and stamping of the Visa Label. In this sense, foreigners may identify themselves with the electronic visa. 
  • Deadlines to claim the passport once it is issued. 
  • Terms to issue a certificate of renunciation of nationality. 
  • Terms to issue the nationality recovery act.

Suspension of procedures 

In accordance with the Resolution, the following procedures are suspended until the end of the health emergency in Colombia: 

  • Passport issuance
  • Renunciation of nationality 

These measures are in force until May 30, 2020 or until the health emergency ends.

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